An Alluring Spiced Rum

An alluring and adventurous spiced rum that is highly personal.

It defines who you are, what you do, and where you’ve been. 

An artful combination of flavors and natural spice extracts blended with West Indies Rum at 80 proof. Runners diverges from the traditionally exhausted blends of spiced rums by originating a savory rum layered with botanicals (green tea, jasmine, and chrysanthemum), citrus (meyer lemon and seville orange) that finishes with notes of lemongrass and ginger.  The subtleness of this blend gives the consumer the opportunity to enjoy the rum neat or on the rocks. The higher than average proof for spiced rums gives it the strength to not be overwhelmed by mixers in cocktails.


Drink neat or over ice. 

An expression of discovery, adventure, contribution and participation

It’s all about experiences. An experience that is a result of an adventure, a significant occasion shared with a friend, or personal moment of celebration. Experience not only defines the calling within the human spirit of a Runner, the physical manifestation of the adventure, but is also the promise, and subsequent take-away from the liquid spirit itself.


Not only a product but a people.


Runners are highly evolved. They are motivated by responsibility. 

They are not afraid of it. They pursue it. The paradigm they define is a way of life... their way of life. They are fully present in thought and expression. They seek only authentic experiences, not things. Personal discovery is potent, compelling and foremost in their thoughts and actions. What they do, defines who they are. And what they do is a bespoke blend of meaningful, personal, complex, multi-sensory pioneering experiences. They cut through culture without borders or predisposition. Their life is consistently filled to the brim with tribal meaning.

Runners create and string together experiences that define their past, present and the promise of their future. They are active participants - not spectators - in their own lives.